Pokemon Black and White 2 are ridiculous.

Well, another big BW2 leak just happened, and it’s led me to this post. Right from the get-go it was clear a big norm was being broken with these games being direct sequels within the same generation.

I found that idea a lot more appealing than the standard “third version” they’ve been doing since forever. And it’s still more appealing, but these games have turned out to be so weird and out there.

As you can see in the map of Unova pictured above, a fuckton of ice is covering the region. Now, there have been debates on whether it’s actually like that or if they’re just using it to hide certain parts of the map, which they did with previous games except using clouds. But even if it’s not like that, isn’t it a weird way to cloak certain areas? Hiding the Battle Frontier behind clouds is clever. A lazily photoshopped ice texture just looks silly.

Pokemon Black and White 2 also look like they’re going to have a LOT of fanservice.

It appears to be a tournament or something (probabably post-game) with all the previous champions and gym leaders. Now, I’m fine with pandering to the fans. Hell, I’ve been a fan of the series for 10 years and this is getting me really excited. However, there comes a point when you pander TOO much to the fans, and throw logic out the window. This is that point. Even though this was hinted at in Black and White, it doesn’t really make any sense. Not only have they not aged at all, but all of these characters are from four relatively close together regions. Why would they hold a tournament like this in Unova, which is an ocean’s distance from all of them?

Pokemon lost something from the transition between BW and their sequels, and that something is subtlety and restraint. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing  is currently unknown (the games aren’t out yet) but I’m thinking it’s a mix of both.

Thoughts on Zelda: Skyward Sword

Probably the last Wii game I plan on buying, Skyward Sword, as a Zelda game, greatly excels in some categories but falls flat in others. I decided to share my thoughts on it with this review!

First, let’s start with the big selling point—motion controls. It really does a great job at improving the combat, and they aren’t half-assed like the motion controls for the Wii version of Twilight Princess. It’s the first time I’ve found fights in a 3D Zelda to be legitimately challenging. However, at some points the motion controls just feel excessive, such as when you’re breaking free from webs or swimming.

Besides the new and improved combat, more RPG elements were added, such as upgradable items, collectible ingredients, and stat-boosting medals. It’s definitely something I want to see built upon in future entries.

We should probably look at the setting of this game. The world basically consists of the sky, and 3 large, non-connected questing areas. The sky feels like a lot of lost potential, comparable to a glorified level select. There’s barely anything notable there besides Skyloft, the hub of the game. With only three different places on the surface to explore, you end up revisiting these locales multiple times, each with more than one dungeon. Sure, new areas usually open up each time you go back, and changes are made on your returning trips, but the exploration and feeling of adventure that’s synonymous with the series is lost. 

One word I could call the music in SS is “forgettable”. There weren’t a lot standout tracks, which is a shame since this is the first Zelda game with orchestrated music. The bosses were quite good, especially with the new combat system, however there were a couple bosses that had to be fought more than once, which did get tiring at one point, as I had to fight this one boss on three separate occasions, two of the battles which taking place within an hour of each other.

So yeah, Skyward Sword isn’t the best Zelda game, but it’s still one of the best games on the Wii and fulfills a lot of things that the other entries in this franchise simply can’t. If you like Zelda, it’s definitely worth the money.

The Best Season 2 Episodes of MLP: Friendship is Magic

All in all, season 2 was pretty disappointing. A lot of episodes were just “meh”. However, there were some standouts, and these three were my favorite.

May the Best Pet Win!

I’m not exactly sure what about this episode that makes me like it so much. All I know was I really wanted that tortoise to win, and Rainbow’s dickishness just made it even better.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

This episode feels really unique. It’s fast-paced and the Flim Flam brothers (the characters introduced in this episode) really give the episode flavor. 

A Canterlot Wedding

All right, so technically this is two episodes, but they aired on the same day and you can’t judge one without the other. So I’m counting this as one entry.

Coming in, I was kind of expecting this episode to be a disappointment. Hasbro was building up a ton of hype for it and season 2 wasn’t having that great of a track record and I kind of had my doubts it could redeem itself in the last two episodes. Boy, was I wrong. I just finished watching this episode, and I gotta say, it really blew me away. Unlike season 1’s finale, which kind of felt like a normal episode, this  is on a much bigger scale and brimming with fan service.

Will the finale for season 3 be able to topple this one? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Pens vs. Pencils

It’s time for This vs. That #2! I had planned to turn it into a series, and now I’ve finally gotten to making a second one. So which is better? Pens or pencils?

Well, pencils obviously have the strength of being erasable. The only pens with this honor suck in way of the ink they use. However, having something written in pen just feels more satisfying than something written in pencil. It feels more permanent and important. Also, pens are both more elegant and professional, while everyone just equates a pencil with school. With this in mind, it goes to show that the pen is the winner of this battle, meaning we should be seeing pencils going out of production in the next couple of months because of that. 

Pokemon Black and White 2 Predictions

So in case you didn’t hear about the news yet, numbered sequels to Pokemon Black and White were announced yesterday. Yes, Pokemon Black and White 2.

Not much is known besides that, so a lot of what exactly they’re planning is unknown. The game comes out 4 months from now in Japan, so we’ll probably be getting all the info soon anyway, but regardless, I’m still going to do some speculating.

So first we should start with the cover legendaries. It’s pretty clear they’re new forms of Kyurem, merged with Zekrom and Reshiram, respectively. Putting together that the cover legendary is a Gen 5 Pokemon, that the games are still on the DS, the “2” on the end, and that this is coming out less than 2 years after Black and White, it’s pretty safe to assume these are Gen 5 games, meaning there will be no new Pokemon.

However, I still think it will take place in a new region. The loose ends in Black and White’s plot all point towards a new location. Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom, are all part of Unova legend though, so it’d be strange to have them appearing in another region for no reason. This base is also covered, as in Black and White, you learn that a certain character was seen with a dragon Pokemon in a faraway land.

I’m also seeing the game using a lot of the assets already in Black and White, as it was made in little over a year.

Graphics aren’t that important to PC gaming.

There are a lot of arguments about serious PC gaming, coming from both sides. One argument is that PC games look much better, and that consoles are limited graphically.

While it’s obviously true that PC games running on high settings do look better than those running on the over six-year old hardware of the Xbox 360 and PS3, it’s not leagues better. Simply put, while the consoles’ aging hardware limits how good games on it look, it also limits those on PC.

Most high-budget, good looking games on the PC have console ports (more commonly the other way around, which hinders the PC version even more). Because of this, developers need to limit what they do so it’s possible on a console, hindering them from taking full advantage of the things they could have done on the PC.

The best experiences on the PC anyway aren’t even that processor-intensive. League of Legends? Minecraft? Anything by Blizzard or Valve? These can all be played fine on six-year old hardware, making the whole ideal behind having your PC as powerful as possible just a bit ironic.

Review: Christmas Steam Games, Pt. 1

During the Christmas Steam sale I bought six games. These are the first three and my thoughts on them.

Terraria is basically Minecraft in 2D. However, it does all the little details better than Minecraft, and focuses more on progressing with an actual goal in mind. However, Minecraft does the core elements (such as building) better.

LIMBO, a puzzle-platformer, didn’t satisfy me as a puzzle or platformer. The puzzles are kind of ambigious, and not really that satisfying when you finally figure them out. I kind of liked the aesthetics though.

This game melds a bunch of mechanics that are kind of boring on their own to make an awesome JRPG. You must maintain a shop while also hiring adventurers to crawl through dungeons with combat similar to the 2D Zelda games. All in all I say this game manages to be more interesting you’d think.

YouTube Round-up 3: Jumping the Shark

Time for another YouTube Round-up to return after another bout of inactivity! Now with 100% more naked people! One of the reasons I started the YouTube Round-up in the first place was to share some users you might like subscribing to, but despite this I included another egoraptor video even though I’ve already done so. Why? Because Sequelitis is amazing!

Zan: Nicolas Cage Solves the Sony Teaser Trailer by ZanMan72

Retarded Policeman #25: Sexual Harassment by MediocreFilms

Sequelitis: Super Castlevania IV by egoraptor

Fire Flower by freddiew